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Thursday, 3 September 2015


What is happening in the class ?
Mam said may i ask?

We were playing a game.
And i saw a notebook without any name.

From where this notebook came?
We don't know mam, we were busy in playing the game.

You were so busy in playing the game.
And you had not seen any notebook was lying  unclaimed.

Sorry mam.
But i have a plan.

What type of plan are you talking about?
Anything you can do except shout.

We will leave this notebook on the table and we all will hide.
We all were confused, now god is our guide.

A boy came from the neigh borer class.
We all were showing patience and this was a hard task.

When he saw the notebook, he saw every where.
He took the notebook and ran away from there.

We caught him and asked why you had thrown this notebook in our class?
  Sorry i was testing your brain, patience and how you perform a task.

That's why i throw throw notebook in your class.

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                                                                                                -By Himanshu Tobaria 

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