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Thursday, 3 September 2015


I think she is my half girlfriend.
I don't know where this story will end.

Sometimes a friend, sometimes a lover.
Some people know about me, but my feelings are covered.

I love her a lot but I don't know she also do so.
Whenever I get a chance to propose, Mind says, " Let it go".

She loves me or not I am not sure.
My love is beautiful, real and pure.

Sometimes we have eye contact for some minutes.
She passes me a smile I don't have to flirt.

I don't know where this story will end.
If I propose, for god sake, not ''Only Friends''.

I fear about this thing only.
Whenever I don't see her I feel lonely.

I ask her every time that I am a good poet or not.
Her smile and her face is the only  thing which I cannot forgot.

I don't know for whom I am writing this poem.
One day someone will come in my life who will prove this poem.

 -By Himanshu Tobaria

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