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Sunday, 1 November 2015

                                                               The Day We Met

The day we met.
I saw the first girl who froze my breathe.

She was like a unsolved case.
I was blown away when she gazed.

I was thinking that i was blessed from god.
Now , whenever i don't see you everything appears to be odd .

I don't know why i love you so much.
I feel like i m in heaven whenever you touch.

My first love is you.
Please say that you loves me too.

Your smile is killer.
You are my heart stealer.

I love your face whenever you smile .
No matter if that smile is only for a while.

Sometimes you are like glass and sometime a mystery.
I love your face and voice , i always want you to see me.

Whenever you say  Himanshu.
That particular moment i want to kiss you.

I thank you for being my friend.
But be my life partner i will never leave your hand till the end.
                                                             By-Himanshu Tobaria


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