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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

                                                                     GO TO HELL !

I don't love you because you are fake.
Please don't come in front of me for god sake.

You promised me you will never be in relationship.
But now by seeing you I will break friendship.

Now a days I don't want to see you.
I think that I hate you and now you also hate me too.

You till now talks to those boys.
You are thinking that they are your toys.

They will just use you and throw.
It will be just like anyone has thrown an arrow.

Then you will cry and make me also cry.
And then you will again and again try. (to talk to me)

But my offer was limited and now it is out of stock.
You will again and again try to talk. (with me)

Now you go to hell , I don't care.
I am angry from you , but you please take care.

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                                                      By- Himanshu Tobaria

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