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Sunday, 1 November 2015

                                                                        I  Love  You  

Your face is so gorgeous.
Your smile is so dangerous.

Whenever you talks to me and smile.
I just feel i m blessed only for a while .

I just do one thing that is gazing at you .
But in my mind one sentence repeats that is I love you.

I don't know why i m writing this pom.
You are like Jerry and i m like Tom.

I know you also loves me .
But you don't show it to me.

Our love is eternal it will never end.
Be my lover or be my friend.

Its your choice to decide.
I know its Yes inside .

My love not fake.
Please say that you also loves me too ,  for god sake.

My friend says please propose her.
But my heart says how can i propose her.

If you will be my life partner i will love you a lot.
Till now i m not sure that you will say yes or not.

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                                                                By-Himanshu Tobaria   

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