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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Love Me Like You Do

                                                                Love Me Like You Do

You don't love me , what do you mean ?
What is happening , what is the scene .

Our relationship is going to end , i fear .
What is my mistake , tell me my dear .

There is someone else in my mind .
Lovable boyfriend like me , can you ever find .

He is good than you in every way .
Don't leave me my love ,  i pray .

He has money , he has fame .
Oh really , so tell me his name .

In reality there is no person I've ever found .
So why were you giving me a deep wound .

You give more time to your poems and rhyme .
I love you more , but writing poems is not a crime .

I love you too , you please don't go far .(from me) 
You are my love and you are my star .

                                                                                                     by : himanshu tobaria 

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