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Saturday, 12 December 2015

                                                        RUSTED KEY CHAIN

We met, I m glad.
Your smile makes me mad.

Attraction is common in this age.
I love the most, life's this stage.

Because in this stage I met you.
My ears are waiting for your " I love you 2".

I feel odd whenever you don't appear.
Then when I see you its like "Oh my dear".

I cannot give you a ring with a diamond hole.
But I can give you one thing that is my priceless soul.

So come near my dear. 
You are my baby doll and I m your teddy bear.

Someday you will read this poem when it will be dusted.
I m till now having that key chain, which now have rusted.

                                                                                               By:- Himanshu Tobaria.

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