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Friday, 19 February 2016

                                                                   Real Humanity

In every field India flies .
But in humanity , it just dies .

Everyday many lives are gone .
You will not help him/her because they are not your known .

They are not one , two or three , they are  many .
If you can help them , please help any .

A man was going on his bike with joy .
He was not known that his joy is going to destroy .

He faced an accident and he was in air .
His body was divided in two parts but nobody just care .

When ambulence arrived .
Somewhere he was alive .

He said to the doctor please donate my eyes .
 After saying this he just died .

I salute that type of men .
For him there is only one word Amen .

                                                                                                  By-Himanshu Tobaria 

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