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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

                                                            One Sided Love

I love her from the forth class.
Her nature is like a glass.

I don't know why.
Every time i saw her face in the sky.

I always want that she don't say me bye.
I love her and she think that i am a nice guy.

Whenever she talks to me i feel good and nice.
I say her '' Hi '' everyday at least twice.

I'm sure she even don't think that i'm her lover.
 I pretend to be her friend  , but my feelings are covered.

Whenever i think to propose you.
I don't , because i'm scared of refusal.

I will be washing your tears away.
I will be with you everyday.

We will be together for whole life.
I will die if you will be not in my life as my wife.

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                                                                      BY-Himanshu Tobaria

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