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Thursday, 15 September 2016

I Met Her Again But The Scene Was Insane

Nowadays What to do? , What to say? , I don't know.
That moment came but I thought let it go.

The girl I've liked I was ignoring her.
In the exam I don't know what happened to sir.

He fixed my seat with her.
Because of her my whole exam could be murder.

Actually my life is a joke.
I think god also want that I should talk.(to her)

She was not looking at me and I was not looking at her.
After seeing us , some started laughing including that sir.

I was confused whether to do the exam  or to see her face.
After a long time I saw her beautiful face full of grace.

Suddenly she said to sir "I want to change my seat".
By saying this she again just cheat.

                                                                    By-Himanshu Tobaria   

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