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Friday, 1 September 2017


The madman, the lover, is a poet.
Love, hatred, fame and fakeness, I've faced yet.

A poet can see life in a death.
A poet can feel emotion in a single breathe.

There is poetry in everything.
Even a raindrop is a human being.

Here, the 'Rain Drop', in the last line symbolises and holds a great meaning, as rain drop is the output of a long process which includes ocean, sunlight and rain. The ocean is refered to as the 'Ground', of an artist  from where he begins his journey, sunlight symbolises 'Talent', as it take it to another level. Right above in the clouds comes 'Fame', and at last rain. When an artist reaches to the top, he should always be thankful for everything he's blessed with, far away from ego, otherwise it could also pull him back to initial his stage. The rain drop symbolises the 'End', part of the whole saga as it refers to an egoistic artist who lost his fame and art, hitting the ground back hard or even harder than the whole struggle he has been through.
By-Himanshu Tobaria

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