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Monday, 6 March 2017


Telling the truth, I don't know why I proposed.
It all started from a message ending with "Self composed".

Didn't noticed when I started waiting for your messages.
Started sending my poems, they were just like unseen passages.

Nothing, just last seen and profile.
K..... B..... repeating in opera of my mobile.

Don't know why I proposed you.
Didn't expected, you'll say I love you too.

In starting everything was fake.
"I need some time", I said you can take.

One week was a joke.
Again and again started to poke.

Finally on 6 Jan, you fell for me.
I was, sorry I am happy, let me be.

Well the truth is I m in love with you.
A request, just love me like you do.

By-Himanshu Tobaria



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