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Thursday, 27 August 2015

             Pakistan Incident (17\ 12\2014 Remember)
        Every person whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian;
Was full of anger for what terrorist did with the children.
Every person was crying and giving Consolment to the parents;
But how can they understand the Grief, Pain and Anger of that unfortunate parent.
Every parent was thinking “That why my child only”?
But the other parents on that spot were also feeling lonely
Everyone in this world is asking why the innocent children where killed
I think the terrorist did’nt have heart and didn’t learn any human skill.
Terrorist are not human and don’t have brain
They are like wild dogs searching for his master like Osama Bin Laden.
Because of them every mother was breathing but not living
Their heart was hurt so bad the heart was not pumping
Hundred and above innocent died. Why?
Just because they lie in the area which terrorist selected to destroy  

                                     BY: - HIMANSHU TOBARIA

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